Joelle Couture

Marketing and social media management

What does your pet mean to you?

My dog Chaplin is very precious to me. He is my son, my brother and my best friend all rolled into one. The bond I share with my pet is very special, very strong and unique. I love him unconditionally and I can’t imagine my life without him. 

What makes you, you? What makes you unique and indispensable at work, but also in your personal life?

I have always been passionate about animals, even when I was younger I spent days in the clinic here observing Dr O’Brien.  I fulfilled one of my dreams when I started working here and my passion continues to grow. I’m a very positive and cheerful person so I tend to spread joy and make people smile. I think this is a plus, especially during the harder moments of our job. I like working with people and animals and this is really the perfect job for me. In my spare time, I love playing board games with my friends, watching TV series or movies and crafting. I’m a real ‘’geek’’. I am also passionate about nature so I love kayaking, camping, hiking and road trips, especially if my dog comes along for the ride!

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