Andrea Wilson


What does your pet mean to you?

Summer is my Beagle/lab mix. Summer was adopted from a shelter in 2019. He is so easily excited and is always ready to play. He brings so much happiness and joy to my life. He is a kind and gentle soul but also loves to rough house with his four legged friends. All of my animals bring an instant smile to my face after a long day.

What makes you, you? What makes you unique and indispensable at work, but also in your personal life?

I have always loved animals as a child. I would take in sick and stray animals. I’d fix them up and send them on their way until my next ‘’patient’’ arrived. I grew up with all sorts of animals in my home. My life would be incomplete without them. There is nothing more fulfilling than working with animals on a daily basis when your world revolves around their happiness and well being.

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