Gabrielle Sauvé Poissant

Animal Health Technician

What does your pet mean to you?

Meet Kira! Kira was adopted from a shelter in 2017. She has a very playful and active personality that brightens my days! She has a curious nature and is always willing to go for a walk in the woods or in the country, much to her mistress’s delight!  She also knows how to be calm and comforting with kisses given aplenty. Kira is simply a four-legged angel.

What makes you, you? What makes you unique and indispensable at work, but also in your personal life?

From a young age, I was always drawn to animals. I wanted to pet them, take care of them and heal them when they were sick. As I grew up, my four-legged family also grew thus securing my passion for animals. I quickly realized that I was destined to work with animals in some capacity. Choosing to become a veterinary technician made my dreams a reality!

I graduated from Lionel-Groulx College in 2010, and I feel very lucky to have found a career I’m passionate about.

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